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Smyslov, V. Vasily Smyslow: Endgame Virtuoso

16610 Smyslov, V. Vasily Smyslow: Endgame Virtuoso

€ 19,50


Smyslov, V. Vasily Smyslow: Endgame Virtuoso, Everyman, reprint, 2003, 176 p NIEUW, vaste boekenprijs

The endgame is a subtle phase of the game many ordinary players would like to improve. In taking the reader through over 150 instructive examples, taken mostly from his own games, Smyslov covers a very broad range of positions - and provides an excellent overall insight into the endgame as a whole. Unlike standard endgame manuals, which concentrate purely on the most basic and technical positions, this book has numerous examples with many pieces on the board - the type of endgame you are in fact most likely to reach. By learning from Smyslov's impeccable technique, readers will improve their own endgame ability - and results!